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Welcome to my blog!
I'm João, 18 years old, from Brazil.
This is a multifandom blog with spoilers made up with everything what I like..
formerly~ four-emperors!


↳ make me choose : Doflamingo or Rocinante ? (asked by shiroyoh)

The Shichibukais! Old and New;; 

Ryuuko Matoi (纏 流子) in Episode 01


I’ll survive! No matter what, I’ll survive and then kill you all one after another!

Happy Birthday, Kenma! ♥ (October 16) 

Two Perspectives Clash!The Battle for Nico Robin's freedom

Tokyo Ghoul Week  Day 5 :: Emperor
↳ Favorite Male Character

"Remember me, as vivid as I used to be."

L E V I || A Choice with no Regrets